Google Analytics Premium

Google Analytics Premium is a powerful, enterprise-class web analytics solution. Whether you require access to more data faster or need more robust tools and product integration, there are many reasons to consider Google Analytics Premium to drive your marketing and business ROI.

InfoTrust has been a proud Google Analytics Certified Partner and Google Analytics Premium Reseller for the past three years. Over this time, we have worked with Fortune 500 companies, billion-dollar brands and top e-commerce sites helping them adopt and leverage all the features that Google Analytics Premium offers. We will work with your team to ensure that your analytics investment drives value across the company.



Access Data Faster

With Google Analytics Premium, you have access to higher data limits to get the most out of your data:

  • Track billions of hits per month
  • Bring and analyze your own data into Google Analytics Premium, and segment it any way you want with over 200 custom dimensions
  • Tired of waiting 24 hours for data to become available, how about having all your reports available in under 4 hours?
  • Own and fully control your data
  • Want access to unsampled data? Get up to 3 million rows of data in unsampled reports

Google Analytics Dashboards

Integrate and Manage Your Customer Data

With Google Analytics Premium, it is easier than ever to integrate your marketing and analytics tools for unparalleled analysis. Are you using DoubleClick stack for marketing? Google Analytics Premium has native integration with DoubleClick Campaign Manager and DoubleClick Bid Manager. Are you looking for a data warehousing platform to combine Google Analytics data with your other customer data? Google Analytics Premium has a native integration with Google Cloud Platform, arguably the best cloud platform on the market.  

Access More Groundbreaking Tools

Google Analytics Premium is packed with tools that are not available anywhere else. These tools will help you get a 360 degree view of your users to power your real-time marketing efforts.

  1. ROI Analysis and Attribution - Analyze and build your own attribution models to measure your marketing efforts and where to invest your marketing dollars.
  2. Data-Driven Attribution - Get more complete and actionable view of which digital channels and keywords are performing best.


Expert Implementation, Training and Support

Having a robust tool is a good start, but making it work for your organization is priceless. Your team will have an analytics partner that will learn your business, and will help you drive value with your investment in Google Analytics Premium. As a Google Analytics Certified Partner,  our team has experience implementing Google Analytics Premium with some of the top brands in the world. Here are some of the common items that we can help your organization with:

  • Enterprise Google Analytics Architecture including set up review and guide for implementation.
  • Security and access control; roles and responsibilities between regional offices and headquarters.
  • Roll-up reporting on brand, regional and enterprise level.
  • Tag management solution implementation (Google Tag Manager is covered under Google Analytics Premium, SLA)
  • Standardization of customizations, event handling and segmentation.
  • BONUS: Ability to be one of the first users of Google Analytics to try out new features and product enhancements.

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