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Google Analytics Premium

Google Analytics Premium is a powerful, enterprise-class web analytics solution developed for companies and organizations with high traffic volumes. Google Analytics Premium’s Service Level Agreement guarantees the data freshness, reliability, ownership, and security demanded by data-driven enterprises across the world.

Higher Data Limits

With Google Analytics Premium, you have access to higher data limits to get the most out of your implementation.

  • Track billions of hits per month
  • Export up to 3M rows of data for extremely detailed analysis
  • Utilize 50 custom variables for better visitor segmentation

Google Analytics Dashboards

Unsampled Data

With Google Analytics Premium, you have access to unsampled data for precise analysis.

  • Download reports with up to 3M rows of unsampled data
  • Export unsampled data into a data warehouse using the Google Analytics and BigQuery native integration

Attribution Modeling

Attribution modeling gives you the opportunity to select predefined attribution models or create your own to measure the effectiveness of your marketing touch points. No longer are you required to use the Last Interaction model to measure the success of your marketing channels.


Service Level Agreement

Google Analytics Premium comes with a service level agreement that guarantees the accuracy and reliability demanded by enterprises across the world.

  • Data Collection: 99.9% of data collected
  • Processing: 98% of data processed within 4 hours.
  • Reporting: 99% up-time to access reports
  • Ownership: You own all your data

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