Putting the “Trust” in Info

InfoTrust helps organizations build systems to accurately measure what visitors do across all marketing channels so they can understand which efforts work best. Alex and Michael share why these metrics are critical in an increasingly digitized marketplace.

Taming the Digital Chaos

Digital analytics, omni-channel analytics, tag management, tag governance, tag manager implementation, digital analytics architecture, enhanced ecommerce…It’s a new world with astounding options when it comes to collecting data. Alex and Michael decipher what it all means.

Getting Excited About Analytics

InfoTrust provides not only its own technological tools but also a professional services team skilled in all forms of analytics. Alex and Michael share how new analytics tools and expertise help marketing teams tap into the explosion of interest in social media, mobile apps and all things tech.

Making Marketers Happy

Organizations need to be able to measure the impact of marketing on sales, whether online, offline or via call centers. Alex and Michael explain how InfoTrust helps directors of digital marketing and analytics get data within minutes to make agile, targeted decisions.

Diagnostics: It’s All in the Details

InfoTrust works with top brands and companies with multiple businesses, brands and consumer touch points. InfoTrust experts explain why organizations need to start with a “granular” view of data.

Getting Higher ROI on Call Center Sales

Judging return on investment of marketing efforts used to be tricky, but analytics has changed that. Alex and Michael explain how one company achieved 130% ROI by tracking how and what digital marketing campaigns generate call center sales.

Do You Need Google Analytics 360?

How do you know if your organization needs Google Analytics 360 or another system? InfoTrust experts explain, including the major differences between standard and premium versions.

Media That Matters

InfoTrust has worked four years with media company Scripps to help its teams understand what content is driving higher engagement with its TV and radio stations and online publications. Alex and Michael explain how analytics is reshaping the media landscape.

Tech Innovation and Growth

As a web analytics solution provider and Google Analytics Certified Partner, InfoTrust works with 11 of the world’s most valuable brands. It was ranked #790 out of 5,000 private companies, in the top 16 percent of the fastest-growing companies in the 2015 Inc. 5000 list, and recently opened an office in Dubai. Alex and Michael tell how they built a Cincinnati startup into a global player.

How to Be a Great Workplace

When Alex and Michael founded InfoTrust, their top vision was to build one of the best places to work to attract the best employees. That vision paid off: The company has ranked as a finalist in the Cincinnati Business Courier’s Best Places to Work four years in a row. They explain how free meals, games and fun make “a big family” that works, eats and plays ping pong together.

Keeping Data Safe

As tag implementation experts, InfoTrust works with some of the world’s largest websites and brands. The company’s Tag Inspector is a tag auditing and alerting tool that allows large organizations to validate that their digital platforms are collecting data properly. Alex and Michael explain how companies can benefit.

InfoTrust, LLC
InfoTrust, LLC