Community Service

At InfoTrust, we do tend to like our superheroes. Therefore it should come as no surprise, that we also abide by the great advice given to Peter Parker: “with great power comes great responsibility”.  With our own success, we have the privilege of serving the community as well. We aim to volunteer in community service at least once per quarter.

Amin Shawki and Andy Gibson volunteering

Quarterly Events

Every quarter, our entire staff works together to support a local organization or goal. We believe that it is an honor to serve the community and prioritize our service events each quarter. We are lucky to have had the opportunity to work with some of the best Cincinnati institutions to give our time and assistance. We either all volunteer at a facility or create our own project like our recent Thanksgiving basket brigade where we organized and delivered 30 food baskets to local families in need. Some other initiatives include:

  • Freestore Foodbank
  • Ronald McDonald House
  • Cincinnati Children’s Hospital
  • Toy Drive Disaster Relief Efforts
  • Our Daily Bread

Princess Page's Run 2013

Charity Partnership

InfoTrust also has a number of charities that receive our continued support. We enjoy supporting programs at the University of Cincinnati and look forward to instituting an InfoTrust Digital Marketing Scholarship program one day.

After volunteering at Ronald McDonald House, we were also excited to help them with their “Oven campaign” for 2013.

InfoTrust also fully supports Paige’s Princess Foundation, a local grassroots charity that works with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital to support special needs children. InfoTrust sponsors the annual Paige’s Princess Run as well funding a few grant recipients each year. We have been fortunate to meet a few as we have granted them assistive technology devices.

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