Are you responsible for building an analytical architecture and measurement process for dozens, hundreds or maybe even thousands of site that your company operates? As you probably already know, standardization is the key to driving results in your multi-brand organization. We have put together a list of 5 items that can help you get started.

Using a tag management system to deploy website tags

Tagging each site separately is no way to live. The key to a sustainable process that will save you time and effort is implementing a Tag Management Solution. According to a recent study by eConsultancy, implementation of a tag management system can speed-up your tag changes by 30% or more. Deploy a new tag across all your sites within minutes, not days.

Google Analytics Dashboards

Monitoring the performance of your digital properties

Are you interested in building an all-encompassing dashboard that will report on data across all the digital properties that you own? With Google Analytics Premium, you can achieve a site-specific level of reporting as well as an enterprise level of reporting that will help you visualize and compare how all of your sites are performing.

Analytics cost rising with each new site

Are you stuck with an analytics solution that charges (punishes) you for each new site? If that is the case, it is time to switch. Google Analytics Premium's price will not change every time you add a new site, and will not fluctuate every time you bring a new visitor to your site.

Accurate data collection across all sites

Have you ever noticed that your data is missing because somehow a tag has disappeared from a certain section of your site? We have built a product specifically for you - It will scan all your sites daily, and will notify you if a tag is missing from any pages. Click here to get started with

Dedicated analytics team and mature processes

Are you struggling to build an analytical process that will scale across the whole organization? Do you need a dedicated web analytics team that is experienced with building and supporting your analytics infrastructure? We have done this for multiple clients, and have both people and the expertise that can help you turn your analytical assets into a competitive advantage.

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