GA Reporting

Once your architecture is set-up, and you are gathering the right analytical data, it is time to focus on analysis and reporting. We can set-up your dashboards, create multi-channel reports, analyze marketing campaigns and measure conversions via attribution modeling. If you are a global enterprise, we can set-up roll-up reporting on brand, regional and enterprise level.

Segmentation and Analysis

Every organization has a different set of goals and needs when it comes to leveraging Google Analytics.  With vast experience in multiple verticals and industries, InfoTrust understands what types of information can be most beneficial for any website.  The expert analyst team at InfoTrust will use our experience with segmentation and analysis to slice and dice your data to pull out hidden insights and actionable recommendations on how to improve overall digital marketing activities.


Attribution Modeling

Digital marketing campaigns are usually complex and contain multiple channels working together toward driving consumer action and conversions.  Consumers interact with many touchpoints along the path to purchase or conversion, and it’s critical for any marketer to fully understand the full journey in order to improve marketing spend and overall ROI.  Our reporting services include building, analyzing and providing detailed attribution modeling, highlighting areas of improvements.

Dashboards and Custom Reports

Don’t need daily or weekly reports?  No problem!  Google Analytics provides functionality to build customized dashboards and reports to display only the specific data needed.  Whether it be an executive overview of the health of the organization, to tracking a specific campaign, or viewing overall mobile visitor engagement, InfoTrust can build a dashboard and custom reports to portray the information needed in a simple, easy to understand interface.  These dashboards and custom reports can be updated daily automatically, and scheduled emails can even be created to send notifications of changes so data can be used as needed and when requested!

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