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When it comes to web analytics, the larger the organization, the more complicated the data analysis can be.  The infinite ways to organize data in Google Analytics can be simplified to satisfy even the largest data sets from multisite enterprises or companies with many sub-sites. InfoTrust can help deploy a custom enterprise analytics architecture based on your needs.

Google Analytics for Global Enterprise

Managing Analytics at a large Global Enterprise comes with some unique challenges:

  • Integration with AdWords and dealing with multiple currencies
  • Security and access control. Roles and responsibilities between regional offices and headquarters
  • Roll-up reporting on brand, regional and enterprise level Analytics and Tag Management solutions
  • Standardization of customizations, event handling and segmentation
  • External reporting, Google Analytics API, understanding of sampled vs. unsampled data
Fortunately InfoTrust consultants are here to help. Working with large Enterprises quite often comes with extensive non-disclosure agreements, and you, our future customer, would certainly appreciate our discretion. However, even where we cannot share what we’ve done for others in your position, we would love an opportunity to learn about your challenges, in strict confidence of course, and architect a solution for your organization that will address not only technical, but all business and organizational requirements. All our consultants, that work on Google Analytics projects, have been Certified by Google as Google Analytics Qualified Individuals. Give us a call today at 513-373-4216 or click the button below, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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