GA Support & Troubleshooting

InfoTrust’s Google Analytics support teams are designed to immediately understand issues with data collection, data reporting, advanced Google Analytics features, and how to enhance your Google Analytics account to empower your organization.  The goal is to enable organizations to Access, Empower and Act on data!

Google Analytics Implementation

The first step in a successful Google Analytics implementation is understanding what data to collect. Dropping that little snippet of JavaScript code at the bottom of your page is not enough. A number of things need to be configured or programmed:

  • Track document downloading
  • Track goal conversions
  • Track site search
  • Track visitors across multiple domains and subdomains
  • Integrate Analytics with Flash or AJAX
  • Cross-domain tracking
  • Integrating Google Analytics with SalesForce and other CRM
  • Track Online and Offline Marketing Campaigns

Google Analytics
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Google Analytics Troubleshooting

Our expert analyst teams have seen it all! Large organizations and small, if it’s a Google Analytics issue, we have probably seen it! Common Google Analytics troubleshooting issues resolved:

  • How to install Google Analytics?
  • How do I understand tracking codes?
  • What do I do about empty reports / missing data?
  • How do I import and export data?
  • What are the filters and regular expressions?
  • How do I integrate E-commerce?
  • How do I segment site visitors?

Conversion Optimization

We are also available for discussing new ideas for the conversion optimization of Google Analytics within your organization:

  • What mediums (pay-per-click, SEO, email, banners, affiliates etc) give the best ROI?
  • What is the best way to track online and offline marketing campaigns?
  • How do I integrate Google Analytics with AdWords?
  • Why does our check-out process turn visitors away?
  • Why are my Google Analytics numbers out of sync with other reports?
  • What digital marketing strategy brings more qualified customers to my site? What happens if people who come to our site are not our customers?
  • Why do visitors never fill-out a contact form or even call me?
  • Why aren’t people using my website as intended? (Not visiting our services page, skipping our contact-us page, leaving website too soon)
  • Which ad brings qualified potential customers to my site?

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