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Big data, data stitching, real-time reporting, conversion funnel optimization, the list goes on! Advanced digital analytics has led to amazing insights and helped businesses across the globe take their marketing efforts to new levels, with data backing the decision-making process. However, as with many successful marketing campaigns, proper planning and strategy need to be in place in order to hit goals and ultimately measure the effectiveness of any initiative. A scalable, yet flexible analytics architecture is critical to the success of companies, particularly with enterprise-level data volumes, such as an online e-retailer.

Google Analytics Achitecture Strategy

We can help organizations:

  1. Build goals for data collection across an entire organization and understand online key performance indicators.
  2. Build a mapped out plan of everything that could provide value if tracked and analyzed, in detail, in order to make your organization can become more data-driven when making decisions.

Google Analytics architecture
Google Analytics

Google Analytics Implementation

There are key steps that need to follow strategy in order to execute a strong, long term Google Analytics architecture.  InfoTrust can help:

  1. Find, appoint or become an internal Data Evangelist and Champion.
  2. Know your data limits and what you want to connect with your data.
  3. Ensure consistency across the entire organization for cross-departmental reporting

Ongoing Support

Arguably the most critical component of an important architecture is how to keep it going in the long run!  InfoTrust  offers ongoing support and can help:

  1. Train data users and teams on new Google Analytics features and how to incorporate it under the new architecture.
  2. Adopt enterprise-level analytics techniques to enable roll-up reporting and cross-organizational execution of data-driven decisions

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