In the eCommerce: Best Practices for Data-Driven Marketing Using Google Analytics webinar, we covered the many benefits of Google Analytics and how having a strong analytics configuration can unlock opportunities to drive more business value for organizations.

With the many integrations within Google Analytics, it has defined itself as a powerful tool to drive improvements in digital marketing spend and conversions.

Specifically, we covered:

  • Be able to explain how Google Analytics can provide insights about your consumer’s online shopping journey and friction points to purchase
  • Know what eCommerce data in Google Analytics can tell you about your top products and on-site promotions driving the most sales
  • Understand how to visualize the online shopping behavior funnel of consumers on eCommerce platforms and act with that data to power ad campaigns
  • Leave with best practices for using Google Analytics as a retailer or eCommerce business

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InfoTrust, LLC
InfoTrust, LLC