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10:00am - 11:00am EST


CMO of InfoTrust LLC

Michael LobanCMO of InfoTrust LLC

Co-Founder of Zodiac

Peter FaderCo-Founder of Zodiac

Did you know that not all customers are created equal?


In each business, there are  ‘most profitable’ and ‘least profitable’ customers. Properly segmenting them allows us to focus on the customers that generate the highest lifetime value for the organization and reduce the resources spent on generating low profitability customers. This concept is called Customer Centricity, and it all starts with determining your Customer Lifetime Value


Join InfoTrust and Professor Peter Fader, co-founder of Zodiac and author of Customer Centricity: Focus on the Right Customers for Strategic Advantage, for an open forum discussion on Customer Lifetime Value.
In this Office Hours webinar, we’ll:

  • Share Real World Examples
  • Answer Questions
  • Offer Insights and Recommendations to Participant Provided Scenarios


You’ll receive an email after registering for the webinar; simply respond back with questions or scenarios that you would like to be discussed during the session. Seats and office hours are limited, so register and submit your requests today!

Note: All questions and scenarios will be edited for privacy prior to the webinar; names of participants and companies will be removed to encourage a participatory environment.

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InfoTrust, LLC