How Your eCommerce Enterprise Can Understand Customer Behavior + Increase Revenue with Analytics - Web Analytics Consultants

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Regional Managing Director - MENA

Amin ShawkiRegional Managing Director - MENA

Do you want insights into your customer behavior?

Insights that will help you better understand customer actions and allow you to engage them at key points in their purchasing journey?

Google Analytics has you covered! While most organizations understand what Google Analytics is and, the value digital analytics provides in digital operations and marketing, turning data and raw information into insights that can transform your business is where many struggle.

Retailers and eCommerce companies, particularly in the MENA region, understand the huge opportunity. However, they often get caught up in operationally executing rather than understanding what consumers really want or how to better engage with them.
Google Analytics, in its most simple form, can be used to track what users are doing, where they came from and what they are buying. Combined with the enhanced reporting set, Google Analytics transforms and can be been used to not only understand what has happened, but what should happen to drive businesses forward.


In this webinar, we will discuss:

  1. How Google Analytics can provide insights about your consumer’s online shopping activities, specifically in the MENA region
  2. What enhanced e-commerce capabilities within Google Analytics can uncover about your business and their customers
  3. How to visualize the online shopping behavior funnel of consumers on eCommerce platforms
  4. Best practices for using Google Analytics as a retailer or eCommerce business

We’ll also provide best practices and use case studies to show how analytics can power online marketing to drive more sales online. Don’t miss it – register now!

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