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Regional Managing Director - InfoTrust International [Dubai]

Amin ShawkiRegional Managing Director - InfoTrust International [Dubai]

Enterprise organizations have complex and extensive digital analytics needs. From compliance to robust data collection processes, and even data integrations with other platforms, leveraging an analytics platform for any large organization has it’s challenges.

Plus, the larger the organization, the more complicated the data analysis can be for global teams. There are numerous ways to organize data in Google Analytics for multiple teams, but designing a simplified approach that is robust enough to satisfy even the largest data sets from several departments or teams requires planning and a strong foundation.

Luckily, with Google Analytics 360 and the full GA 360 suite, setting up the foundation for successful adoption of data-driven marketing practices has never been easier.

When you leave this webinar, you’ll:

  • Be able to explain enterprise analytics and common challenges faced by large companies or teams
  • Understand how Google Analytics 360 is designed to solve enterprise-level challenges
  • Know the differences between Google Analytics Standard vs Google Analytics 360
  • Leave with practical uses of Google Analytics 360, including powering digital advertising through Doubleclick and other enterprise level tools

We’ll see you there!

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InfoTrust, LLC