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10:30am - 11:30am EDT


CMO @ InfoTrust

Michael LobanCMO @ InfoTrust

VP + Principal Analyst @ Forrester

Boris EvelsonVP + Principal Analyst @ Forrester

In today’s marketplace, becoming an insights-driven organization is a necessary step to thrive in a competitor saturated market.

With startups and direct-to-consumer strategies drawing attention, it is increasingly difficult for larger CPG organizations to remain relevant to their target audience.

Consumers are becoming more focused on online purchases thus creating online purchasing habits that hinder the sales of many CPG products. One example of this is the infamous Dollar Shave Club (DSC): In 2015, it was reported that P&G lost 12% share of the men’s razor and blade industry while DSC gained 5% of the multi-billion dollar market.

With this shift in consumer buying habits, the ability to analyze consumer shopping habits provides a distinct advantage in driving sales. So, if analytics is a key differentiator between insight-driven success and stagnation, how do organizations maximize the value from it?

In this webinar, Boris Evelson – VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester – will join us as a special guest and help us examine the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of becoming an insights-driven CPG enterprise.

After this webinar, you will have:

  • Exciting examples of trends and what other similar organizations are doing to leverage digital analytics
  • Ideas on how to integrate insights into key decision making processes and what makes an organization an industry leader (or a laggard)
  • An understanding of how becoming insights-driven can make a very real impact on the bottom line
  • Best practices for governance, processes, and the role of agile analytics

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